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Monthly Archives: June 2017

10-Year-Old Racially Bullied In School: ‘I Am White, You Should Be, Too’

A fifth-grader has become the victim of racism by his white classmates at his school in Chelsea, Alabama.

Taylor Armbrester, a 10-year-old black student, told that he?s been consistently punched, kicked and called demeaning names by bullies at Chelsea Park Elementary School, which he transferred to in the fall.

The most recent incident reported happened on May 9 during lunch. Taylor told the local outlet in the video above that one of his classmates recited a ?Roses are Red? poem to him in a blatant attempt to degrade him because of his race. 

?Roses are red, violets are blue, I am white, you should be, too. Roses are red, violets are blue, I am white, why aren?t you? Roses are red, violets are blue, God made me pretty, what happened to you?? Taylor recalled the boy telling him. 

On that same day, a girl he considers a friend noticed him playing basketball and asked him to pass her the ball to shoot. Instead of shooting, she threw the ball at him, causing one of his fingers to break. His mom, Shaneka Phillips, told the outlet that she had to take him to the emergency room.

The school?s assistant principal, Mary Anderson, and a guidance counselor met with Phillips and her son to discuss the ongoing issue on Friday. A counselor also met with a student who admitted to being mean to Taylor. 

Anderson told that racial bullying isn?t an issue at Chelsea Park Elementary and called Taylor?s allegations ?an isolated case.?

?We have children of all races,? she said of the school, which has one Pacific Islander student, 23 Asian students, 40 Latinx students, 88 black students and 715 white students, according to the outlet

Phillips said she felt better after the school handled her son?s case, but it?s still been upsetting for her to see her ?sweet kid? deal with bullying. ?This is what he?s expecting out of life so far,? she said. 

Other instances of racial bullying in school have made headlines recently. On Friday, a 15-year-old black girl said that she was spit on and called a racial slur by bullies at a Cornelius, North Carolina, high school. She was also sent to the hospital with a concussion due to a student throwing a gym ball at her head, her mom told WSOC. She said that her daughter?s mood has drastically changed and that after taking a suicide assessment, a clinician is going to ?watch her closely.?

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Sean Spicer Insists Trump Is ‘Clear’ On Comey ‘Tapes,’ But Won’t Say Whether They Exist

WASHINGTON ? Days after President Donald Trump suggested he had ?tapes? of conversations with fired FBI director James Comey, White House press secretary Sean Spicer still isn?t saying whether recordings exist.

Spicer on Monday repeatedly dodged questions about Trump?s explosive allegation, refusing to confirm or deny whether the president actually recorded conversations with Comey.

?The president has nothing further on that. I was very clear,? Spicer said during the daily White House press briefing.

Trump, who fired Comey last week, on Friday appeared to threaten the former FBI director in a tweet. The tweet could be considered witness intimidation if Comey, who had been leading the FBI?s investigation into the Trump administration?s ties to Russia, is called to testify in congressional hearings or judicial proceedings on the matter, according to some experts.

Spicer said Friday he had ?nothing further to add.? He added, as he often does, that Trump?s tweet ?speaks for itself.? 

On Monday, Spicer asserted several times that he was ?very clear,? and that ?the president has made it clear what his position is.?

Equally unresolved is the explanation for Comey?s abrupt firing. After Trump and his staff offered bizarre and conflicting accounts last week, Spicer on Monday tried to portray Trump?s decision as a sacrifice for the good for the country. The president ?didn?t care that it might make matters worse for him,? Spicer said.

Lawmakers in both parties have urged Trump to release recordings, if they exist. The Senate Intelligence Committee, which is conducting its own investigation into the Trump team, Russia and last year?s election, is exploring ways to obtain any recordings, possibly through subpoenas.

?You can?t be cute about tapes,? Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) said Sunday on NBC?s ?Meet the Press.? ?If there are any tapes of this conversation, they need to be turned over. I doubt if there are, but we need to clear the air.?


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It’s The Hottest Spring Break Video You’ll Ever See, If You’re A Mature Adult

When you get older, spring break isn?t the debauchery-filled event it once was. Really, it?s more a reminder that you have to do your taxes, and that all your friends are getting married and having kids.

Mel Owens and Teresa Lee of comedy duo Wait, What? have the adult version of a spring break video. If you?re into adult responsibility and generally being mature and sensible, this video is so hot.

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