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Life amoung the stars


It’s been no secret that governments around the world have been looking for other life amongst the stars for the longest time. With sighting after sighting it’s hard to deny that there are some weird things out in that vast unknown of stars. Satellites and messages sent out into the void only go so far and have yet to provide anything of actual, indisputable substance. That’s not stopping the Chinese government though who have begun making waves with their own massive project to locate alien life in the cosmos. With the help of $185 million they’ve crafted the world’s largest radio telescope in their pursuit.

The massive structure, a 500-meter Aperture Spherical Telescope, the size of over 30 soccer fields, was started back in 2011 with the last of the 4,450 triangular panels being installed recently. A true testament to China’s dedication to astronomy allows them to listen for radio waves over 1,000 light years away! In the field of astronomy, the bigger is better, giving them a larger “ear” to listen to everything fluttering around in the final frontier.

“The telescope is of great significance for humans to explore the universe and extraterrestrial civilizations,” said Hugo Award-winner Liu Cixin. ( “I hope scientists can make epoch-making discoveries.”

What this allows scientists to do is listen in on and find celestial objects that naturally emit radio waves such as black holes and quasars. The hope of the dish is even double the number of pulsars that have already been detected to date, over 2,500. With rationality aside, the real hope of the telescope is to find sources of unnatural radio waves, alien tech. Since most of human technology emits radio waves searching the universe for other sources has been the most common venue of searching for what we would classify as “intelligent” life. Speaking of intelligent, writing this reminds me I need to go to Dr. Owen’s office (http://healthybackchiropractic) pretty soon…but I digress…

Beyond the amazing feat of constructing such a powerful piece of tech, the requirements to use it were also staggering with all families within a 3.1-mile radius, roughly around 9,000 people, having to be relocated solely to keep everyday technology like cell-phones from interfering with the dish. Actually, humanity has been sending out radio waves ( into space for almost a full century, because of the fact that the atmosphere doesn’t hold them back so when a piece of tech sends some out they bounce around and then fly off into space. Scientists have said that if there was an extraterrestrial civilization within 1,000 light years looking for other life forms the way we have been then they would be able to pick up on our radio waves the exact way we’re hoping to. CCTV has stated that the dish is planned to be fully operational this September.

To check out more on the radio telescope you can watch a video on it right here.(

Ultimate Time Saving Tips

It seems as if there is never enough time in the day. Remember the movie Cheaper by the Dozen? The dad was a motion study expert and sought ways to increase efficiency and save time. Well, this post is not (entirely) based on scientific evidence, but it offers some common sense (or maybe not so common) suggestions for making the most of your time.

Do you ever plan your day around meals? That is nothing to be ashamed of! If you do that, it shows that you care about what you put into your body; that is a good thing! To be sure that you are making the most of your time AND getting nutritious meals, try to plan all of your meals a week in advance. Make your meal plan, do your grocery shopping, and prep as much of the food as possible. This may mean washing fruits to store in the fridge or preparing lunches to take to work. If you have a slow cooker, take a few minutes in the morning to start dinner so you do not have to worry about it when you get home after a long day of work. Instead, spend that evening time with your loved ones.

When you take the time to plan and prepare your meals, you are more likely to stick to a clean eating lifestyle. This can offer valuable time savings later in life by improving your health. You may have heard that the majority of your immune system lies in your gut (; keeping that in mind, it is only logical that taking care of your gut health can boost your immune system and potentially keep you from taking time away from work or family to deal with acute illness. However, eating clean is often not enough. It is also important supplement wisely; for gut health, this means quality probiotics (

Are you reading this article on your smartphone? While reading this may help you make more efficient use of your time, how many other activities on your smartphone are doing the opposite? If certain apps on your phone prove to be a distraction, consider deleting them.

There are other reasons to put the phone down; surprisingly, at least one of those is actually related to gut health. Put away your mobile devices at least an hour before going to bed so you can improve your sleep. How does this improve gut health? There is a connection between the brain and the gut. Increasing and improving your sleep can decrease stress; decreasing stress can help heal the gut (!

Now put down your smartphone and start planning those meals!